I am hired by clients to be an extension of their hiring team. Below are a list of the jobs I am currently looking to fill for various clients. interested? click apply here

HashiCorp Logo.png


Location: San Francisco, CA  
The Perfect Candidate: Manage HashiCorp’s multi-cloud provisioning tools, bringing a user focus, strategic vision, and results orientation to the team.

Nutanix Logo.png


Location: San Jose, CA
The Perfect Candidate: Cloud/devops marketer who understands bringing new products to market, and building sales enablement, positioning, messaging, GTM and channel plans.

DigitalOcean Logo.png

DigitalOcean: Senior Product Manager: Compute

The Perfect Candidate: A distributed systems guru with a big picture outlook and a get-things-done attitude. 5-10 years of PM experience, and understanding of the public cloud space. Solid track record of working with a remote team and delivering great results.

pulumi logo.png

Office Manager

Location: Seattle, WA
The Perfect Candidate: Customer service oriented, organized/gets things done, flexible, interested in start-up technology, multi-tasking keeper of the culture who is generally awesome.

pulumi logo.png

PULUMI: VP of PRoduct Management

Location: Seattle, WA  
The Perfect Candidate: Be the first product person at this innovative cloud native infrastructure as code Series A start-up. Start as an individual contributor and build out our product process and team as we grow.

Pulumi Logo.png

PULUMI: Developer ADvocate/TEchnical Marketing Manager

Location: Seattle, WA
The Perfect Candidate: You are a code line technical person who loves to create content (white papers, blogs, tech talks, tweets....) and talk with  developers about bleeding edge new technologies. Conferences are your thing- not for the swag, but for the technical conversations and innovation you share and learn from

Pulumi Logo.png

PULUMI: Platform Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA
The Perfect Candidate: Contribute on all layers of this groundbreaking platform, building and delivering on Pulumi's open source developer products.


PULUMI: Full Stack Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA
The Perfect Candidate: Use your expertise in core web technologies (HTML, CSS, REST-ful APIs), as well as Go-based backend systems, to build public cloud development products that will change cloud programming for every developer.