Full Life-Cycle Recruiting

Full Life-Cycle Recruiting to me is starting at the very beginning. I will partner with your existing leadership to talk about the needs of your company, growth projections, specific team needs, company culture, and your must-haves when it comes to a new employees. 

Once we've assessed the situation my team and I take what we gathered in the initial phase of the project, and use personalized approaches that will help us to find and assess the right candidates for your positions.

While my team can help you with any type of search, my specialities lie within the following fields:

  • Product Management

  • Product Marketing

  • Demand Generation

  • Sales

  • Technology

I assemble my sourcing and recruiting team, making sure that everyone is aligned, and we all understand your company and your open roles. We use modern search technologies to find the right skills that you need on your team. I advise both candidates and hiring teams in order to help both sides assess if it is a perfect fit.